Safelo: Simplifying Payment Tracking

Client: Our collaboration with Safelo stems from our previous project with a client from Denmark, where we worked on the Rasasol restaurant management system.

Requirement: Safelo is a revolutionary personal payment tracking application designed to streamline bill documentation for users. Leveraging AI technology, Safelo automatically scans and summarizes expenses from receipts, providing users with a comprehensive overview of their spending.

Our Approach and Collaboration: 

To bring Safelo to life, we assembled a dedicated team consisting of a Software Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, and Mobile Application Developer. Our initial focus was on assessing project feasibility, including the use of online OCR tools. Once tools were finalized, we dedicated one month to sketching the UI/UX design.

Following approval from the client, we commenced mobile application development. Utilizing Google OCR and GPT-3 APIs, we achieved the expected high-quality results. Within the subsequent three-month period, the Safelo mobile application was successfully developed, offering users an intuitive platform for efficient payment tracking.

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