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Carbify: Revolutionizing Carbon Emissions Reduction

Client: Carbify, founded in the Netherlands, is dedicated to combating carbon emissions through an innovative approach. It offers a blockchain-based platform where users can invest in NFTrees and engage in a gamified experience to offset their carbon footprint in an interactive manner.

Our Approach and Collaboration: 

Our collaboration with Carbify commenced with the redesign of their digital products. Initially, we agreed to redesign their existing carbon calculator, intending to integrate it into the Carbify website’s dashboard. To accomplish this, we allocated a dedicated Software Project Manager and a UI/UX Designer, with a fixed timeline of one week.

The redesign focused on enhancing the user experience and functionality of the carbon footprint calculator, catering to both individuals and businesses. Working closely with Carbify, we tailored the calculator to meet the unique needs of users, ensuring accuracy and user-friendliness.

Upon the successful completion of the initial project, we continued our collaboration by revamping the Carbify dashboard and crypto marketplace. Our goal was to create a user-friendly interface for purchasing NFTrees and aCO2 coins seamlessly. The redesigned marketplace not only improved visual appeal but also incorporated functionalities to manage portfolios effectively.

Within a month, we completed the redesign, further solidifying our partnership with Carbify. This collaboration also provided opportunities to work on other Carbify projects such as Eco Empires, Carbon Debits, Global Carbon Standard.

Global Carbon Registry

Client: Carbify, founded in the Netherlands, is dedicated to combating carbon emissions through an innovative approach.

Requirement: After successful completion of carbon calculator redesign with Carbify team, as a next step we were asked to design a dashboard page to enter the details of the registered GCS projects.

Our Approach and Collaboration: 

Our team, which worked with the carbify  previously assigned for this task. Initially the details to be taken from the user were discussed with the carbify team. And we were asked to follow the theme of the GCS website. We came up with a user attractive portal within a 1 week time period.

Eco Empires: Redesigning the Game Site

Client: Carbify, a prominent organization which also focuses on creating a greener world through innovative gaming experiences.

Requirement: Upon successful completion of many projects with the Carbify team, our strong partnership paves the path to redesign their game landing site, and also create captivating graphical images for their website.

Our Approach and Collaboration: 

Upon their request, the same team was allocated to continue the task. Tasked with a unique challenge, our team successfully met the requirement of designing original graphic elements using scenes from the games themselves. This project showcases our ability to seamlessly integrate creativity with technical expertise.

The landing site we’ve crafted for Eco Empires Gaming stands as a testament to our commitment to pushing creative boundaries. Leveraging Carbify’s captivating game scenes, we’ve developed visually stunning graphics that capture the essence of their mission to make a positive impact on the environment. The website’s design not only reflects the dynamic and immersive nature of the games but also serves as a captivating introduction to the world of Eco Empires.

With an intuitive user interface and strategically integrated content, the landing site provides visitors with an engaging and informative journey. As Carbify continues to lead in sustainability and cryptocurrency, this digital platform reinforces their commitment to a greener lifestyle and positions Eco Empires Gaming as a revolutionary force within the gaming industry.

This project not only highlights our ability to meet unique challenges but also solidifies our ongoing partnership with Carbify, showcasing our dedication to bringing their vision to life through cutting-edge design and digital innovation.

Redesigning Carbon Debits' Digital Products

Client: Carbify

Requirement: In continuation of our ongoing collaboration with Carbify across various projects, our latest initiative involved designing a comprehensive business portal for their Carbon Debits division. This platform facilitates businesses in registering their companies, documenting carbon counts, and seamlessly generating certificates for carbon offsetting. Additionally, the portal features a dynamic map showcasing the locations of trees planted in association with specific certificates. Our team worked closely with Carbify to ensure an intuitive user interface, empowering businesses to efficiently manage their carbon-related activities.

Our Approach and Collaboration: 

A dedicated team consisting of a Software Project Manager and a UI/UX Designer was assigned to initiate the task. Upon completion of the dashboard redesign for Carbon Debits, our team proceeded to redesign and develop the Carbon Debits landing site. To accomplish this, we included one of our WordPress developers in the team. Design and development processes ran concurrently, utilizing tools such as Figma for design and WordPress for development.

Landing Site for Rasasol

Client: Rasasol is a startup based in Denmark, owned by one of our co-founders at Viso Labs.

Requirement: Rasasol offers a restaurant SaaS solution, encompassing POS, inventory management, KOT, BOT, and more. Designed and developed by us, our client requested a design for a landing site to effectively showcase their product.

Our Approach and Collaboration: 

For this project, we allocated a dedicated Software Project Manager and UI/UX Designer. We estimated the project duration to be 2 weeks.

After discussing the necessary details to be featured on the landing site, we commenced the design work. As planned, we submitted the completed design to the client within the stipulated 2-week timeframe, which was duly accepted.

Landing Site for Mohee Builders construction

Client: Mohee Builders, a leading construction company located in Batticaloa.

Requirement: Mohee Builders required a website to showcase their projects and provide information about their company to potential customers. Despite already having a social media presence, they aimed to expand their reach through a dedicated website.

Our Approach and Collaboration: 

For this project, we assigned a dedicated team consisting of a Software Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, and WordPress Developer. We estimated the project duration to be 1 month.

Following the submission of the initial design to the client, which was approved during the first check, we proceeded with the development phase. Within the deadline, we finalized the website to meet the client’s requirements.

Legal Observations: A Course Website for Legal Education

Client: Individual from Sri Lanka.

Requirement: Our client sought a straightforward website to present their articles, videos, and notes in an organized manner, catering to students interested in legal education.

Our Approach and Collaboration: 

A dedicated team consisting of a Software Project Manager and a WordPress Developer was assigned to complete the task. Within a week, our team successfully fulfilled the client’s requirements, ensuring a user-friendly platform for accessing legal resources.

IJS Capital APS: Your Premier Investing and Consulting Partner

Client: Established in 2017, IJS Capital APS is a consultancy and investment firm based in Denmark.

Requirement: IJS Capital sought to create an online presence to effectively showcase their consultancy and investment services, as well as their APS portfolio.

Our Approach and Collaboration: 

For this project, we assembled a dedicated team comprising a Software Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, and Frontend Developer. With a timeline of one month, we embarked on this endeavor.

Following the completion of the design phase, we obtained approval to commence site development. Leveraging React JS, we crafted the website, ensuring its responsiveness and functionality. Subsequently, the site was deployed live, ready to serve as a platform for IJS Capital to connect with their audience.

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