Carbify: Revolutionizing Carbon Emissions Reduction ​

Client: Carbify, founded in the Netherlands, is dedicated to combating carbon emissions through an innovative approach. It offers a blockchain-based platform where users can invest in NFTrees and engage in a gamified experience to offset their carbon footprint in an interactive manner.

Our Approach and Collaboration

Our collaboration with Carbify commenced with the redesign of their digital products. Initially, we agreed to redesign their existing carbon calculator, intending to integrate it into the Carbify website’s dashboard. To accomplish this, we allocated a dedicated Software Project Manager and a UI/UX Designer, with a fixed timeline of one week.

The redesign focused on enhancing the user experience and functionality of the carbon footprint calculator, catering to both individuals and businesses. Working closely with Carbify, we tailored the calculator to meet the unique needs of users, ensuring accuracy and user-friendliness.

Upon the successful completion of the initial project, we continued our collaboration by revamping the Carbify dashboard and crypto marketplace. Our goal was to create a user-friendly interface for purchasing NFTrees and aCO2 coins seamlessly. The redesigned marketplace not only improved visual appeal but also incorporated functionalities to manage portfolios effectively.

Within a month, we completed the redesign, further solidifying our partnership with Carbify. This collaboration also provided opportunities to work on other Carbify projects such as Eco Empires, Carbon Debits, Global Carbon Standard.

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