Rasasol: Revolutionizing Restaurant Management

Client: Rasasol is an innovative startup based in Denmark, founded by one of our co-founders at Viso Labs.

Requirement: Our client conceived the idea for Rasasol in March 2023 with a clear vision: to develop a comprehensive restaurant SaaS product featuring an Online Ordering System, Table Management System, KOT & BOT System, and Inventory Management System.

Our Approach and Collaboration: 

To bring this vision to life, we assembled a dedicated team including a Business Analyst, Software Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, and Full Stack Developer. The team meticulously reviewed the client’s ideas and conducted feasibility assessments.

The project was structured into three phases. In the initial phase, lasting three months, we focused on designing the entire UI/UX for all systems within Rasasol. Concurrently, development began using agile methodology, with the creation of an admin panel to manage orders and the development of a mobile-responsive online food ordering website.

Following this phase, the product was launched into the market, incorporating a POS system to gather valuable customer feedback.

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